Vox Populi, Vox Dei

On the off chance that the “new” Congress hasn’t disappointed you enough already, a little something just hit my inbox from Julie Borowski:

FreedomWorks has heard that GOP House leadership has agreed to a deal with the Senate that drops the NSA reform amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill in the forthcoming omnibus spending bill.

Today, Rep. Massie wrote on his Facebook page:

Word is spreading that the Massie/Lofgren/Sensenbrenner/Holt #NSA amendment to stop backdoor spying will be dropped from the final government funding bill (omnibus). A veto-proof majority of Republicans and Democrats voted for my NSA reform amendment this summer. If this amendment is killed in a back room is that the will of the people?

If true, we are greatly disappointed that the House and Senate leadership have opposed the will of the people.


With a very nicely padded majority in the House and a functional majority in the Senate, now is the time for a real struggle for the heart & soul of the GOP.

It’s been a long time coming, and I hope my Tea Party friends have learned something from their wins and losses over the last five years.

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