Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

The most transparent administration in history is at it again, being all transparent and stuff. Here’s former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey to explain:


“Over this Thanksgiving holiday, the president slipped into the federal register, another 334 pages of changes he’s making to the law.”

“Some of them are regulatory changes, but some of them actually lawlessly change Obamacare itself,” she explained.

“For example, changing the rules, the legal requirements for large employers — another one requiring that insurance companies cover out-of-network doctors as if they were in-network doctors for a period of time — that’s not in the law,” she said.

“Requiring that people with high-risk pool insurance is now going to be considered minimum essential coverage,” she added.

According to McCaughey, “a lot of these [changes] are in the weeds, but they’re actual changes to the law, and . . . the high court is going to be watching this because it wasn’t just one example of presidential lawlessness, the justices are seeing it again and again and again.”

The law means what the President says it means.

If the Congress and the Supreme Court don’t step up to reassert their powers, the next President with ambitions like Obama — and there will be another, Democrat or Republican — will be worse.


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