How About a Nice Game of Chess?


Remember how NIH and CDC were unprepared for even a minor ebola outbreak of two or three patients? Here’s where some of the money went:

The federal government has invested over $10 million developing and promoting a video game about a young teen that must escape a town full of fat people, as a method to fight obesity.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) paid for the development of two video games that promote healthier eating, including “Escape from Diab,” a “nightmare” fictional city where people are only allowed to eat junk food.

“The story centers around five children who must get healthy enough to escape the evil King Etes,” explains Archimage, Inc., a computer game company that received $9,091,409 to develop the games. King Etes is a fat ruler who forces his people to eat out of vending machines.

Unless you are extremely rich, the Feds spent more money on this one stupid, useless, offensive project than you and your family will ever pay in taxes.

Fire them all, along with a lifetime ban on future Federal work, including contracting.