Own Goal Me Much (Again)

Only this time it isn’t so funny:

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and President Obama struck a deal Wednesday to limit greenhouse gases, with China committing for the first time to cap carbon emissions and Obama unveiling a plan for deeper U.S. emissions reductions through 2025.

China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, pledged in the far-reaching agreement to cap its rapidly growing carbon emissions by 2030, or earlier if possible. It also set a daunting goal of increasing the share of non-fossil fuels to 20 percent of the country’s energy mix by 2030.

Obama announced a target to cut U.S. emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, the first time the president has set a goal beyond the existing 17 percent target by 2020.


Obama just put hobbles on our economy in exchange for a promise from China to do the same to theirs — 15 years from now.

If you think that’s bad, Obama has put us on the fast track to even higher energy prices, at a time when wages are stagnant or shrinking.

I can’t wait to see what deal he strikes with Iran, can you?


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