Required Reading


VDH on Obama’s toxic brand:

Arrogance and incompetence are a fatal brew. If once his problem was his failed policies, now it is also his persona, especially the blame-gaming and sense of boredom on the job that borders on public petulance, as if he came into the presidency to save us, and we did not appreciate his godhead. “Make no mistake about it” and “Let me be perfectly clear” have become something like Sominex for most Americans. Let us hope that our enemies abroad in the next two years are confused by his erratic governance and at least find him as exasperating as we do.

I don’t know if you watched yesterday’s press conference, but it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Obama presented the exact same policies voters had just rejected, insisted that he’s the guy “everybody” votes for, ridiculed Congress for being the ones hardly anybody votes for, demanded they give him his immigration bill or he’d do what he wanted via executive order. He praised Iran’s “cooperation” and blasted our Israeli ally. He acted bored, disinterested, and angry. And he kept the press there for well over an hour, as if to punish them for daring to give him some tough questions.

I’d never seen a President behave that way. I’ve only on a few occasions seen an adult behave that way. My four-year-old hardly ever behaves that way.

We can hope afterwords that Michelle or Valerie or someone he still listens to (there are few left), took him aside and read him the presidential riot act.

But is there anyone left in the White House who can or will do that? Is there anyone left in the White House who even noticed something might be wrong?