The Invisible President

After a decade of near-constant overexposure, it’s strange that our “invisible president” doesn’t feel more like relief:

WHERE’S POTUS? With just three weeks to go until the midterm elections and control of the Senate hanging in the balance, candidates are scrambling toward the finish line, but one key figure has been largely absent: the Campaigner-in-Chief, ABC’s MARY BRUCE reports. The president has appeared at zero public campaign events this cycle, opting instead to tap into his fundraising prowess to boost democratic candidates behind closed-doors. Obama’s absence on the trail underscores how the president has become a political liability for many candidates. With his approval rating down in the dumps, a personal visit from Obama would likely hurt rather than help his party’s cause in the hotly contested states. It’s not unheard of for the president to be scar[c]e in the run-up to the midterms.


The President has become invisible because the results of his policies have become inescapably visible.


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