Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


I can’t believe I missed this one in my various news alerts, but fortunately Sarah Hurtubise was on the case:

Florida’s Obamacare enrollment is now over 220,000 lower than the Obama administration’s most recent tally, according to a report from the state insurance department.

The Obama administration hasn’t released updated Obamacare enrollment statistics since May, when the Department of Health and Human Services put the number of Florida sign-ups at 983,775 — but the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation says that now, just 762,723 Floridians have health insurance through the exchange.

The state insurance department issued a report this week including updated exchange enrollment, based on rate filings from state health insurers. By June 2014, the number of Obamacare enrollees in Florida was almost a quarter lower than the Obama administration’s sign-up numbers just one month before.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him pay a second month’s premium for a craptaculent product he never really wanted in the first place.

And I’ll repeat something which bears repeating, frequently.

♡bamaCare!!!’s ruthless passage was based on the fierce moral urgency of 46 million Uninsured Americans being denied coverage because of evil corporations and/or Republicans. And yet, despite making coverage legally mandatory, and despite subsidizing the heck out of it, only eight million Americans signed up on the various exchanges — and now it looks like perhaps as few as six million kept their coverage beyond the first month or two.

And those crappy numbers are mere extrapolation, because the White House refuses to release any hard figures, and the Complicit Media seems happy not to push the Administration on the issue. “It’s working,” we’re assured.

Color me skeptical — it’s the new shade for autumn.



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