Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

2,000 more ♡bamaCare!!!-induced policy cancellations here in Colorado, on top of the previous quarter million or so:

Following a dust-up earlier this year between Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and the Division of Insurance, Republicans have requested regular updates on policies that are cancelled because they don’t conform to ObamaCare or because companies are getting out of the individual insurance market.

Udall disputed the original number of nearly a quarter million cancellations in the immediate wake of ObamaCare’s rollout in late 2013, arguing that almost all of those whose plans were canceled were given options for renewing them early.

Emails obtained by the website Complete Colorado showed that Udall’s staff pressured the insurance commission to make that distinction to the point where some staffers felt bullied.

Since the ruckus with the insurance commission became public in January, state Senate Republicans have requested regular updates from the insurance commission about continuing cancellations. In March, the commission reported 1,755 cancellations and in June another 2,320. Last week’s total was 2,105.

In all, nearly 340,000 Coloradans received cancellation notices, although not all are because they don’t conform to the ACA; some carriers are leaving the individual insurance market altogether.


That’s a lot of presumably unhappy Coloradans.


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