Anarchy in the US


The White House-orchestrated chaos on our southern border seems to have three purposes:

• Enough lawless anarchy will use Lenin’s “the worse, the better” dictum to force the GOP Congress into a lopsided deal benefiting the Democrats.

• Induce panicky GOP members into gaffes which will poison the well between Republicans and Hispanic voters for another generation or more.

• Create enough new Democrats to cement Florida into the blue column and to put Texas in play, effectively locking the GOP out of the White House for the foreseeable future.


As a bonus, the Complicit Media will blame the GOP for every one of its mistakes, and I expect there will be many, while holding the White House blameless for creating the crisis in the first place.

The only way for the GOP to effectively combat any of these overlapping purposes would be to call President Obama out personally for his politcally-motivated lawlessness. However, that would require a level playing field from the media and a GOP leadership with both brains and balls.

In other words, Obama and the Democrats might just be laughing all the way to decades of control over the ever-more Imperial Presidency — a (relatively) bloodless coup.

I’m begging you please to use the comments on this one to show me how I’m wrong.


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