Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Massachusetts seniors are finding out what’s in it:

National insurance giant UnitedHealthcare plans to cut up to 700 Massachusetts doctors from its physician network for seniors enrolled in its private Medicare plan as a way to control costs, according to company officials.

For elderly patients enrolled in the plan, the cuts mean they will have to find a new doctor or eventually switch to a new health plan that covers their current doctor.

The move, effective Sept. 1, follows similar cuts made by the insurer to its Medicare Advantage provider networks in 11 other states, including in Rhode Island and Connecticut, where the reductions drew outrage from patients, doctors, and lawmakers earlier this year.


Don’t think of them as narrow networks, Comrade Seniors! Think of them as slimmed-down networks, and you are doing your part to fight our collective obesity problem.


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