Stupid Voters


Someone better call a WHAAAAAAAMBULANCE for Brussels:

Stunning victories in European Parliament elections by nationalist, Eurosceptic parties from France and Britain left the European Union licking its wounds on Monday and facing a giant policy dilemma.

Across the continent, anti-establishment parties of the far right and hard left more than doubled their representation amid voter apathy, harnessing a mood of anger with Brussels over austerity, mass unemployment and immigration.


So let me get this straight. EU policies have led to a craptaculent economy and millions of hostile immigrants who won’t be or can’t be assimilated, and the EU’s problem is with the voters who aren’t happy with those results?

Sounds about right.

Now let us venture down slightly further in the report for a choice sentence so succulent it will fill you up until lunch:

[French Prime Minister Manuel Valls] rapidly countered by offering more tax cuts to spur an economy which is flatlining.

I’m so old I can remember when taxing the bejeebus out of stuff was going to save the French economy.

Ah, 2012 — it was a more innocent time.

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