Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Today’s fail comes to you from Washington state:

The Vancouver Clinic will no longer accept new Medicaid clients and, over the next three years, will reduce the amount of Medicaid services it provides to Clark County residents.

The Vancouver Clinic currently provides primary and speciality care for more than 36,000 Medicaid clients — more than any other community Medicaid provider — as well as specialty care for those other providers. Medicaid services account for 25 percent of the clinic’s total business. Over the next three years, the clinic will reduce that amount to 10 percent.

“We’ve had an open door to Medicaid,” said Duane Lucas-Roberts, chief executive officer of The Vancouver Clinic. “That’s one reason our volume is so high. The problem is, that’s not sustainable. There won’t be a Vancouver Clinic.”


That Means It’s Working™.

The stark difference between “coverage” and “care” is becoming clearer all the time. The irony of course is that we used to pay a lot less for care before Uncle Sugar got so super generous with the coverage.

Now that he’s super-duper generous, we’ll pay through the nose for hardly any care at all, as the Vancouver Clinic’s Medicaid patience are discovering.


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