Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [PM Edition]

The law might hit part-time Wisconsin schoolteachers hard:

School districts have a choice of laying off or reducing the hours of teachers, aides and substitutes that work more than 30 hours but less than 40 a week, or offering the same health care coverage at the same cost as they do full-time staff.

In March 2013, Mike Nault, human resources director at the Oshkosh School District, offered part-time teachers in the district an ultimatum.

“If you want health insurance July 1, 2014,” Nault told them, “then you need to look for full-time work with us.”

A postponement gave the district a temporary reprieve, Nault told Wisconsin Reporter. “Then I thought ‘OK we’re not going to change anything for a year.’”

With the changes and delays, the Oshkosh district, the 11th largest in the state, may be able to keep the status quo for another year, Nault said. There are still “too many variables” to know what will happen in 2016.


That Means It’s Working™.

More seriously, at this point you shouldn’t be at all surprised if the Wiggleroom Administration begins illegally delaying more and more provisions — past 2015 and into 2017, conveniently after Queen Hillary’s coronation.

But at some point, doesn’t the law have to come into effect?

Doesn’t it?


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