Required Reading

Krauthammer on Ukraine, Putin, and Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom:

Sure, Obama is sympathetic to democracy. But it must come organically, from internal developments, you see. Must not be imposed by outside intervention, but develop on its own.

But Ukraine is never on its own. Not with a bear next door. American neutrality doesn’t allow an authentic Ukrainian polity to emerge. It leaves Ukraine naked to Russian pressure.

What Obama doesn’t seem to understand is that American inaction creates a vacuum. His evacuation from Iraq consigned that country to Iranian hegemony, just as Obama’s writing off Syria invited in Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah to reverse the tide of battle.


What Krauthammer failed to mention is that there was one time democracy tried to sprout “organically” in a country where it was desperately needed and just as desperately desired.

That country was Iran in 2009, and Wiggleroom sat on his hands then just as he’s doing today.


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