California Pot Vote Stuck on Sofa

APphoto_Legalizing Marijuana Banks

Considering recent votes in Colorado and Washington State, and California’s already-lax attitude toward issuing “prescriptions” for “strictly” “medical” marijuana, this news comes as a bit of a surprise:


A coalition of investors and strategists, which played a key role in passing most of the legislation to reform drug laws nationwide since 1996, has decided not to put a pot initiative on the ballot in California this year but will wait to push for legalization until 2016.

Signature-gathering efforts for at least two additional pot measures are circulating, but they do not appear to have the high-profile financial backing needed. So the coalition’s decision makes it less likely that marijuana will be legalized in California in the near future.

Maybe they think a high-turnout (no pun intended) general election will get more smokers out than an off-year vote?

California’s open contempt for its existing laws make me think legalization should come sooner rather than later.

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