Hickenlooper Stacks the Deck

The corruption in Colorado over ♡bamaCare!!! doesn’t just run deep — it appears to run all the way to the top:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is facing another obstacle in his reelection campaign, as news has come out that his administration is accused of stacking an investigative panel over charges Sen. Mark Udall pressured state insurance regulators to edit Obamacare cancellation figures.

Following an outcry by Republicans who said the prospect of a sitting senator bullying government workers to adjust their data was “reprehensible,” the governor’s office appointed a team to investigate the issue.

Following the investigation the panel said no bullying ever occurred nor did any department of insurance employees feel pressured.

However, when media outlets pushed for more details, including the members of the panel, Gov. Hickenlooper’s administration attempted to keep the names secret, arguing that it was doing so to protect them from “potential politically motivated challenges of inquisitions.”

Under pressure from media outlets, the names were eventually released and it was discovered that they consisted of three Democrats in the governor’s administration. The revelation immediately drew questions about the objectivity of the panel during the investigation.


You don’t say.


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