Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day [Sunday Edition]


Avik Roy:

On January 9, health insurance bellwether Humana formally announced something that industry observers have long suspected: that healthy and young people don’t think Obamacare’s insurance plans are a good deal for them. Those people, Humana indicated, are choosing to stay on their previous health plans, where allowed, instead of participating in the Obamacare exchanges. As a result, Humana “now expects the risk mix of members enrolling through the health insurance exchanges to be more adverse than previously expected.”


I have nothing to add, because “I told you so” seems gauche. Instead I’ll leave you with a question from Roy:

Will taxpayers have to pick up the bill for the Obama administration’s last-minute changes to the law?

Bailouts now, bailouts tomorrow, bailouts forever!


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