Let. It. Burn. Texas Style


Now that Senator Cruz has the shutdown thing out of his system, it’s nice to see him come around to what I’ve been arguing for since November 7, 2012.


More from The Hill:

In a brief interview with The Hill, Cruz spoke of the pressing need to repeal ObamaCare, but did not discuss it in connection with the government funding resolution, which expires Jan. 15.

“There will be plenty of time to decide upon particular tactics,” he said. “What I think is critical is that we keep our focus where it belongs, which is stopping the train wreck which is ObamaCare.”

His office said he is not ruling anything in or out.

“In my view it is the essence of pragmatism to acknowledge ObamaCare is not working — let’s start over,” he said. “What we need to focus on is fixing the problem Congress has created.”

This is exactly right, and goes to what I’ve been desperately trying to convince the GOP for a year now: Have the courage of your convictions. If you truly believe as I do, that ObamaCare can’t work, then act accordingly. Nobody is going to get “hooked” on unworkable websites and ever-smaller access to health care, even if the coverage does come with a subsidy.



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