Now Bumped to the Top of the Netflix Queue [LINK FIXED]


Amy Otto’s latest came at just the right time, since I’m about to run out of Breaking Bads to watch — yeah, I know I’m so last summer. Apparently as a Righty In Somewhat Good Standing I’m not supposed to watch or like Orange Is the New Black, because it has lesbians and a bad Christian or a lesbian Christian or something, but Amy says people who think that have it all wrong:

Interestingly, as a conservative, I find a lot to like about the show.

Her journey to assuming responsibility begins with the day Piper self-surrenders to serve her time. At this point, Piper has only accepted that she must be punished, not that she is, in fact, culpable. As her time in Season 1 goes on, she, through the plot device of having to encounter her ex-girlfriend in jail, accepts that she willingly participated in and chose to commit those crimes instead of writing off those actions as the result of being mixed up or in love. The show similarly shows various characters who, while saddened and frustrated with being in prison, basically accept responsibility for their current sentences.

Sounds good. Count me in — even if some of the lesbians are totally hot.