I'll Have What the Editors of The Nation Are Having


I suppose this is one way to read the tea leaves:

The political and media elites obsessed only with Washington intrigue and the next presidential race thought New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s predictable re-election was the big story of the 2013 season. It wasn’t. The big story was a cross-country rejection of austerity and an endorsement of the progressive populism that Democrats must embrace if they hope to prevail in 2014. Bill de Blasio’s 73 percent landslide in the New York mayoral race, in which he ran on a platform of building a more inclusive city by addressing income inequality and taxing the wealthy, was just the topline measure of a national trend.

I don’t want to count any chickens before the barn door closes, but let’s wait and see what de Blasio does to New York — and what Christie does to New Jersey — before declaring any victories.

Also? I’ll see you in 2014, Editors.