Lies About ObamaCare

Adrianne Jeffries for The Verge:

Other complaints raised by Congress, including anecdotes about rising costs and cancelled plans, are easier to defend. The administration can say that average prices are lower even if some people are now paying more. And to the second point — that President Barack Obama said people could keep their insurance and now some have had their plans canceled — the administration can say that the law included a grandfather clause specifically so that insurance providers would not be required to cancel old plans. Some providers decided to cancel plans anyway, forcing some Americans to seek new insurance. But providers have always been able to cancel plans at a whim, Sebelius testified.


Repeating Sebelius’s dreadful testimony doesn’t make it true. As Tim Carney and others have already noted, Health & Human Services specifically wrote the insurance regulations to force insurance companies to drop as many millions of plans as was possible. Ace adds that insurance companies have been threatened into silence.

The dropped plans isn’t because insurance companies are being vindictive or arbitrary. This is a campaign by HHS, directed by the White House, to dump millions of Americans onto the non-functional exchanges.

The Verge ought to stick to tech reporting, and leave the propaganda to Chuck Todd.


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