The Progressive (and Circular) Firing Squad

What’s it take to split apart the Democratic alliance? Little things, like letting them implement their own craptaculent laws. Here’s Ezra Klein giving both barrels to Joan Walsh and Zerlina Maxwell:


Obamacare’s problems go far beyond its Web site.

A failure in the press coverage of the health-care exchange’s rocky launch has been in allowing people to believe that the problem is a glitchy Web site. This is a failure of language: “The Web site” has become a confusing stand-in phrase for any problem relating to the law’s underlying infrastructure. No one has a very good word to describe everything that infrastructure encompasses.

In brick-and-mortar terms, it’s the road that leads to the store, the store itself, the payment systems between the store and the government and the manufacturers, the computer system the manufacturers use to fill the orders, the trucks that carry the the product back to the store, the loading dock where the customers pick up the products, and so on.

It’s the problems in that infrastructure — indeed, much more than “just a Web site” — that pose such deep problems for the law.


It’s heartening to see one of ObamaCare’s early and earnest supporters do such good reporting, and I really do suggest you read the whole thing. Of course, technical problems aside, those of us on the right knew about ObamaCare’s systemic problems, even before it became law.

That’s because we didn’t study “policy,” which if you ask me is the dirtiest word in the English language.


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