Required Reading

Conrad Black is on fire at NRO today:

Respect for “the law of the land” is almost never how the law actually works in the U.S. The legal cartel has an unimpoverishable ability to drag things out forever; there are always appeals and there is always a window to attack targets in prosecutions again. People, guilty and innocent, sit on Death Row for decades. Over 4,000 laws and regulations with serious sanctions are adopted every year in the U.S., and everybody is regularly committing some infraction of something. But this sort of prim, moralistic finality – “the day in court is over, the verdict is in” — is especially irritating coming from legislators who spend their lives creating more herniating masses of official authority to assist their colleagues in the practice of the law in the extraction of their comfortable livings. And it is terribly annoying when this self-righteousness comes from Democrats, the party complicit in the skulduggery that enabled the Affordable Care Act to be passed in the first place.


Read the whole thing, ye mighty, and despair.



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