How ObamaCare Works Perfectly

At Zero Hedge, M.D. Elizabeth Lee Vliet has a list of Ten Things to Expect from ObamaCare in 2014. I think 8. and 9. are the most instructive:

8. Loss of ownership of your medical records.

Your doctors, hospitals, and other health professionals are being pressured to adopt electronic medical record systems and send patient information to the federal government’s medical database by 2015. If they don’t comply, they’ll be penalized with reduced payments for services.

This means the government will own your personal, private information, and you have no say in the matter. I consider this a complete loss of your privacy, as well as a violation of the Constitution’s 5th Amendment “Takings” clause.

9. More waivers and exemptions for the political elites and Democrat cronies.

The Obama Administration and its political appointee, HHS Secretary Sibelius, have granted over 1,000 waivers and special exemptions to various Democrat donors, political allies, unions, and others. Obama’s politically connected friends are the only Americans who won’t suffer under Obamacare’s onerous regulations, ballooning costs, and 20 new taxes.


More goodies to hand out to those who play the game, and a big new club with which to beat those who won’t.

Repeat after me: It was never about healthcare; it was always about power.


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