Required Reading

John Hinderaker — all of it, especially this:

The Republican House should vote to increase the debt limit by, say, $300 billion. That will give the administration plenty of leeway to “pay our bills.” There will be plenty of time to prioritize spending and decide what should be cut. The cut–some is just forgoing an increase, but some will be actual cuts–is the other $300 billion.

The Democrats would squeal like stuck pigs, of course, but what could they do? They have no power to raise the debt ceiling without the House. So inevitably, they would have to deal–and seriously, for once. Entitlement reform would have to be on the table, because the Democrats would see their treasured discretionary spending going up in smoke.


The best part is, the GOP could easily win back their reputation for fiscal sanity, which they squandered in the Bush years. No, wait — the best part would be the squealing Democrats, who have ridden the gravy train these last five years like a 14-year-old boy with a stolen Ferrari.

(Hat tip, Glenn.)

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