Stop Jumping to Conclusions in the Deep End of an Empty Pool

About that “attacker” in Washington:

The sources said that Miriam Carey had a history of mental health problems.

Carey, 34, was a dental hygienist living in Stamford, Conn. Details of her background began to emerge in the hours after the episode.

Dr. Barry Weiss, a dentist, told NBC Connecticut that Carey was working for him in January 2012 when she suffered a fall and missed two to three weeks. He said that she appeared increasingly stressed after an unplanned pregnancy. He said that he fired her in August 2012 after patients complained that she was too rough.


She apparently also thought Professor Wiggleroom was stalking her. What happened yesterday wasn’t even an attack — it was a disturbed woman acting out her delusion.

Crazy people do crazy things. Her actions had nothing to do with ObamaCare or violent rhetoric or mysterious brainwaves from spent reflected down to Earth by a secret Koch Brothers satellite.

Carey brain wasn’t wired correctly, and while it’s a sad thing it got her killed, we can be grateful nobody else was hurt — including her very young little girl.


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