It's a Trap!

That’s what Bibi Netanyahu’s people are saying about Iran’s offer to talk, but Iran says it’s the real deal:

A meeting between Iran’s top diplomats and world powers at the United Nations this week will start a “new era” in efforts to end the dispute with the West over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program, the Iranian foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

It did not hint at any concessions by Tehran.


They’ll talk, but that’s it — which sounds about right.

The thing you have to remember is, unless we’re willing to go to war, there’s no stopping any reasonably competent country which wants them, from acquiring nuclear weapons. The trick is, who has their finger on the button. Russia has bunches of nukes still, and much more modern missiles. But we don’t worry about Vladimir Putin the way we worried about Joseph Stalin, because one was waging a global cold war for total domination, and the other is playing the Great Power game with nothing better than pocket sevens.

We had our chance in 2009 to help change whose finger might be on Iran’s nuclear button, but Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom hemmed and hawed until the chance was blown.


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