ObamaCare Lies

Amanda Marcotte:

The healthcare exchanges, where uninsured people can apply for healthcare coverage and learn if they’re eligible for government assistance, are one of the biggest parts of the Affordable Care Act and are opening up on October 1. Republicans are frantically casting around for ways to force Obamacare to fail. In Congress, that means passing bills trying to defund the healthcare bill. But anti-Obamacare activists are trying a different tactic: Trying to scare uninsured people, especially young people, out of signing up for insurance through the exchanges.


Yeeeeeaaaaarrgghhhhhh! Evil Republicans, scaring America’s young people out of doing what comes naturally to them, which is to click on websites they’ve never heard of to buy health insurance they can’t afford or aren’t really interested in.

What? That’s not how 20-somethings really behave?

No, the GOP — well, parts of the GOP — and libertarian-minded independents like me aren’t trying to do that at all. What we’re trying to do is expose all the stupid flaws of this trillion-dollar job killer so we can get the beast killed.

And there’s plenty to expose.


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