That Is Why You Fail

Tablets are set to overtake PC sales, and sooner than many had imagined:

The global smart connected device market, which includes PCs, tablets, and smartphones, is projected to be $622.4 billion this year. About $423.1 billion of this amount will come from the smartphone and tablet segments collectively. By the end of 2015 it is anticipated tablet growth will surpass total PC shipments on an annual basis.

Forbes has reported, “IDC: 87% Of Connected Devices Sales By 2017 Will Be Tablets And Smartphones.” Tablets and large-screen smartphones are redefining the smart connected device market. IDC has predicted the worldwide smart connected device market will accelerate past 2 billion units by the end of 2015 and will attain a market value of $735.1 billion.


That’s barely more than two years from now.

Microsoft has tried to sell tablets for a dozen years. They tried and failed to create the market with the original “Slate” specification back in 2001. They tried and failed to follow the market with the Surface RT and Surface Pro late last year. They don’t have much new to offer this year, other than bump-specs.

Meanwhile, overall PC shipments — the Windows and Office cash cows — are expected to shrink 13% over the next four years. But Microsoft has virtually zero app presence on Android or iOS tablets.

If you want to know why Steve Ballmer was shown the door, there you have it.


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