85 Children Rescued from Floodwaters

Some good news from the Colorado floods:

Scores of fifth-graders once feared lost to Colorado’s deadly flood waters were reunited with their parents Saturday after a field trip to the mountains turned into a harrowing three-day rescue involving the National Guard.

The parents of 85 students from Fireside Elementary School in Louisville couldn’t get their arms around their children fast enough after heavy rains trapped the group Wednesday in the mountains of Jamestown.

“Every time you watch the news it’s really hard not to burst into tears,” one overjoyed mother told NBC outside the line of school buses.

The children and 14 adult chaperones got stranded when pouring rain washed out the roads below their CalWood campsite.

“Some parts of it were really scary, and the trails were basically rivers,” a student since reunited with her family recounted to NBC.


It’s still raining here. Friday I was doing 30 in a 50 along Highway 105, just to avoid hydroplaning. Up north, things are worse — and did I mention it’s still raining?



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