It Shoots, It Scores

Some good news out of Israel this summer:

An Iron Dome anti-missile battery intercepted a rocket targeting Eilat shortly after 1 A.M. on Tuesday. The incident marks the first time the Iron Dome system has intercepted a rocket over the southern resort city, and comes two days after Egyptian reports of an Israeli drone strike which killed five militants at a rocket-launching site in northern Sinai.

The apparent attack comes at the height of the tourist season.


What is it Islamists have against tourists, anyway? Oh, right: Women.

Good on Israel for doing one small thing to restore law & order — order anyway — to the Sinai, which they returned to Egypt under the 1979 peace accord. Morsy’s old government had no interest in subduing the terrorists who made it their home following Mubarak’s ouster, and the new military government hasn’t (yet?) made the effort, either.

And good on Iron Dome for protecting Israeli lives. Jerusalem is investing in more of these systems.


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