Wrong on Purpose

Rem Rieder: “Media got Zimmerman story wrong from start.” From the column:

The story of their tragic confrontation on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, was framed early on. Zimmerman, then 28, was the neighborhood watch captain/”wannabe cop” who racially profiled and ultimately killed Trayvon, an unarmed, hoodie-clad black teenager out on the streets of the gated community Retreat at Twin Lakes simply because he wanted some Skittles.

The storyline quickly took root, amplified by the nearly ubiquitous images of the two: a sweet-looking photo of a several-years-younger Trayvon released by his family, and a mug shot of Zimmerman from a previous arrest in which he looks puffy and downcast. The contrasting images powerfully reinforced the images of the menacing bully and the innocent victim.

Some of the media’s major mistakes stemmed from stories that fit neatly into that widely accepted narrative.


The media got nothing wrong. They established the narrative in order to gin up racial animosity to help Patron Saint Barack Obama get reelected. This is no different from what George Stephanopoulos did in January of last year, asking bizarre birth control questions at a GOP debate, in order to establish the narrative of a Republican “war on women.”

This isn’t simple media bias, not anymore. This is a media that is fully partisan, and really doesn’t give a good got-dam who knows it. And with the IRS playing the same game for the same side, why should they care?

It’s too late to stop them, but it’s not too late to put them out of business. Change the channel.


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