I'm Feeling Beachy Keen

Science says this is good for you.Living by the ocean is good for you:

When a person goes to the beach, ‘It’s not going to be any great surprise to you that people relax,’ said study researcher Michael White. The more complex question was how being near the beach impacted people’s health.

The researchers studied census data in England and found that those who lived near the coast reported better health.

While one could argue that this may have something to do with wealthier people being able to afford living on the coast, the researchers actually found that it was the lower socioeconomic communities that reported the greatest health benefits.


What I want to know is, how much time do you need to get the reported health benefits? Will my annual trip to the Mexican Riviera do it, or do I need to move there full-time?

It’s an important question, because with a diet consisting mostly of red meat and cocktails, I could probably use all the help I can get. And by “help,” of course I mean, “watching bikini girls while enjoying my diet of mostly red meat and cocktails.”

At the very least, it couldn’t hurt.


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