No CPR for RT

Acer is in desperate need of a hit, but it’s not going to get one out of Windows RT:

Acer Inc.’s chairman said Monday that Microsoft Corp.’s MSFT +0.70% low-power operating system Windows RT won’t be “so influential anymore,” and the firm has not yet decided if it will launch an RT tablet.

It will be difficult for Windows RT, Microsoft’s version of Windows 8 based on ARM Holdings PLC’s chips, to overcome the lack of compatibility that the full Windows 8 version has, J.T. Wang said an interview with The Wall Street Journal ahead of Computex, Asia’s biggest computer trade show that kicks off Tuesday.

“We would like to be realistic. We have not decided if we want to launch that, to start mass production,” Mr. Wang said.


As previously noted here, RT was the answer to the question nobody was asking: “Where can I buy a crappy Windows tablet that won’t run my Windows apps?”

It’s a dead OS walking.



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