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Maybe I'm in the Wrong Line of Work

Lego want:

Before us is an X-wing fighter — full-size, an 11-foot-tall and 43-foot-long replica, 42 times the size of the LEGO X-wing you can find in the store (Star Wars set #9493, if you must know). We meet Eric, one of a select few “master builders” who work full-time for LEGO creating large models like this one for store displays and media events. Eric leads Nate under and around the model, explaining that the X-wing took 32 master builders more than 17,000 hours to complete, using 5,335,200 LEGO bricks. The result is nearly 46,000 pounds, with a wingspan of 44 feet.

Not the X-Wing. I mean, I want that, too -- sort of. But mostly I want that Master Builder gig. And 5,335,200 Lego bricks.

Giant Lego X-Wing

Don't you?