Your Friday Dose of Doom & Gloom

I’d forgotten today was Jobs Report Day. Or as we like to think of it here at Case Verde, “Imaginary Made-Up Massaged and Mangled Data Day.” It’s a bit wordy, I’m the first to admit. Anyway, here’s today’s Minitrue:

ust 88K new jobs were created in March.
That’s well below the 190K that analysts had expected.
It’s also well below the “whisper” number of 150K
The unemployment rate fell to 7.6%, amid a drop in Labor Force Participation.

Maybe the numbers will be revised downward. Unexpectedly. Or upward. Also unexpectedly. And maybe at some point we’ll see some numbers that are based in reality. But the fact of the matter is, none of these numbers matter until this federal leviathan gets its sumo ass off the economy’s chest.

Until then, share the misery, comrade.