Religion Haters Gotta Hate

Francis has been Pope for all of two days now, and already the vile progs are trying to tear him down. Michael Moore gleefully fell for a fake (but accurate!) picture of someone not Jorge Mario Bergoglio, giving communion to former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla.


The photo is still making the rounds, hours after even Moore admitted it wasn’t what he’d claimed — but why?

As we discussed earlier, the Progressive Left is at war with religion, especially America’s many, many heterodox, squabbling, cooperating, supporting, yelling, healing, everything churches. Progressivism is an orthodoxy unto itself, and cannot tolerate dissent — especially faith-based, First Amendment-protected dissent. And it doesn’t take a man of faith (I’m not one) to recognize that.

So they’ll claim the new Pope is a closet fascist, or secretly gay, or whatever it takes to tear down an ancient and powerful institution.

For Progressivism is a jealous god, and shall have no gods before it.

Remember that. But I’ll keep repeating it, just in case.

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