Has Apple Maps Caught Up?

Longtime Apple skeptic John Dvorak performs test, claims Apple Maps beats Google for accuracy.

Huh. Would not have expected that. Of course, this is Dvorak, so he might just be trolling for hits. But maybe not, if this next bit is true:


Even Google Maps on the computer is deteriorating. When I first began this trek, I routed myself to the Apple headquarters using Google Maps on the computer. It showed three routes to the facility from Berkeley, but the fastest route, according to Google’s own calculation, was over the Dumbarton Bridge. Oddly, it was not shown as an option. I had to create it myself.

I’m not surprised that Apple’s Maps app has improved performance, because the app itself was always quite good. What sucked was the data, which improves with time, users, and user feedback. Google Maps stared off the same way, if you’ll recall. Apple must’ve taken an all-hands approach to getting their map data dialed in, and it shows.


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