Obama is Not My Daddy -- He's My Employee

Kurt Schlichter isn’t too happy with America’s dad:

I’m an American citizen. As such, no mortal man may presume to lead or rule me.

And I already have a father, one who incidentally has a better track record of job creation than Barack Obama by the mere fact that he hasn’t destroyed several million of them. Nor has he left any ambassadors to die, or surrounded himself with kids in a sick circus of political exploitation designed to steal the fundamental rights of law-abiding citizens.

Hell, now I’m thinking “Dad 2016.” I mean, if that’s cool with Karl Rove.

We don’t elect chiefs or caudillos or strongmen in this country. We elect a President. Someone who is supposed to preside.

Or maybe that’s just me with my blindfold on, pining for the good old days.