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"My God -- it's full of stars!"

Last May, some smart wag decided the thing Apple absolutely needed to build a giant iPad. It would be the size of a TV and you'd lug it around the house because I guess it would have a handle and it was a seriously bad idea.

So of course Lenovo, bless their hearts, went and built it.

If this wasn't the middle of January, I'd swear Lenovo was having a little April Fool's fun with us. But no:

Sorry for the screencap of the press release, but you absolutely had to see the thing in action. And it's a steal at just $1,700!

Remember the incredible original Microsoft Surface? It was the $10,000 answer to the question nobody was asking: "How can I put a PC into a tabletop Ms. Pac-Man machine from 1982?" That thing flopped so badly, Microsoft figured they could re-use the name because nobody would remember.

I'm guessing Lenovo will be able to recycle the name of their new beast, which I've already forgotten.

UPDATE: I scrolled back up to look, and it's called "Horizon," as in, "it blots out the."