Can Anybody Here Break a Trillion-Dollar Coin?

I am filled with shame for not having seen this one coming:

Paul Krugman, the liberal economist who pens a widely read column for the New York Times, on Monday joined the calls for the U.S. to mint a $1 trillion platinum coin as a way around the debt ceiling.


In case you missed it, yes, there have been calls for the Treasury to mint itself a platinum coin, stamp a one and a dozen zeroes on it, and call it money. Yes, Tim Geithner has the Constitutional authority to do so. Yes, he’d be removing a trillion dollars from productive use by the stealth tax of inflation.

To date, most of the idiots and vile progs (but I repeat myself) hopping on this particular bandwagon have been low-level blogger types. Like me, but viler and even dumber. Now they have Paul Krugman on their side, which will drum up big support in Blue States where political idiocy is what people have with their coffee every morning.

Is there an end to the madness? Absolutely there is. Probably nothing short of the economic ruin of the nation. Maybe nothing short of its political ruin, too. But, yes, there is an end to it. And if you look closely, you can see it just over the horizon.

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But were President Obama to take up the oddball suggestion gaining traction online to skirt the Congressional debt-ceiling debate by having the Treasury mint a $1 trillion coin, some American’s mug would be memorialized as the richest head on earth.

But who is worthy of such a sum, as well as the deft political maneuver of depositing the massive coin with Federal Reserve?

May I suggest that, instead of an American, we emblazon the Trillion Dollar Coin with the smiling face of Robert Mugabe?


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