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"We can't cut our way to prosperity."

That's President Obama, speaking of his "balanced approach" of tax hikes coupled to not a goddamn thing. But does he think we can tax our way to prosperity? Apparently:

President Obama this morning pocketed the Republican concessions on tax hikes included in the Fiscal Cliff deal and promised that it was only the beginning of new taxation to be assessed on the American people.

That's Keith Koffler. Here's Jim Pethokoukis:

So adding it all up, it would seem the president’s second term goal is for roughly $2 trillion in new taxes. We’re only one-third of the way there.

It's Obama's party. We just get to pay for it.

CLUE: Yes, I know Obama isn't actually interested in prosperity. He's interested in the century-long vile prog goal of ever-increasing statism. Well played, Mr. President. Well played.