The Deal of the Century

The deal to take us back from the edge of the fiscal cliff (actual cliff not included) features $41 of real-as-a-heart-attack tax increases for every $1 of imaginary never-gonna-happen spending cuts.


What did the GOP get out of the deal? The loss of the last thing it actually stood for.

What did President Obama and the Democrats get out of it? GOP complicity in yet another scheme on the nation’s long road to ruin.

I said it weeks ago on Trifecta and I’ll say it again here: The GOP had no good bargaining position, and it’s not like the Democrats were ever going to negotiate in good faith anyway — so the GOP shouldn’t have even tried. They had exactly one option open to them, which was to give the Democrats everything they wanted, vote “present” on the disgusting mess, then go home for the holidays.

Let the Democrats live with the results of their taxes and spending, without a single Republican fingerprint anywhere near it. It wasn’t a great play, but at least then they’d have stood for something. Yes, they’d have paid for it with lost seats in the midterms — but that’s going to happen anyway now, and probably even worse.


Instead, Obama got everything he wanted, including the Wedge Issue of the Century with which to beat the GOP for the next two years.

The Republicans could have left Washington weeks ago, with at least their dignity intact. Now they’ll take full ownership of the craptaculent mess we lovingly call “Obamanomics.”

Congratulations to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, for becoming the first multi-trillion-dollar losers in our Republic’s history.


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