Flexibility Comes Home to Roost

Timothy Noah on what President Obama should do in his second term:

With the election over, the president can now take bolder action on a host of domestic issues that don’t require cooperation—or even input—from Congress. Though some of these actions might be controversial, that concern matters less now that Obama has faced voters for the last time. What follows are eight policies that the executive branch can carry out on its own, in many cases immediately. Obama will almost certainly do some of these. Others require a bit more gumption. He should do those, too.


Shorter version: F— you. Hell, even Noah calls it “the unilateralist manifesto.” The Founders would call it “tyranny.”

Of course, since at least Nixon, every Republican president has followed the Democrats’ example of consolidating purely discretionary power in the Oval Office. And now we reap the rewards of that folly with a President who has very little discretion about the exercise of that power.

And plenty of slutty cheerleaders like Noah to urge him on.


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