Concern Troll of the Day

This comment from “Don” is just too perfect not to share. But do please sit down first, and grab a hanky. Ready? Here you go:

I don’t see any enthusiasm for Mitty here in south central PA, as a recent immigrant on a 1 year assignment. I’ve attended a few gunshows as I sell my dad’s guns, and what should be hot beds of Republican support seem dead.

The large show I went to had several tables with NRA loudmouths and Romney supporters screeching at the attendees, but in the 4 hours I was there few people seemed interested. I parked a long way out, and took note of the bumper stickers. Again, I saw few Romney signs, and almost as many Obama and Libertarian stickers.

Around York, where I live, I haven’t seen any Romney signs, but quite a few Obama signs, even in the rural areas to the south.

Me? I’ll either go with the Libs, or if the election looks really close, I’ll go with Obama based on his standing up to Israel and support for gun control.(I’ll have sold all of dad’s guns by the end of October, and will be donating a portion to the Brady group).


Libs? Libertarians? A gun-control loving libertarian? That was the belly laugh that made me go back and re-read the whole thing. My BS detectors went up early though, on that bit about “Romney supporters screeching at the attendees.” Screeching? Really? Has “Don” ever seen a live Republican in the wild?

I’m wondering if “Don” didn’t mistake a Code Pink rally for Romney supporters. Could happen to anyone, really.

Anyway, if this is all that’s left of Operation Demoralize, I think it’s time we gave it another name. I propose “Mission: Giggles.”


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