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Will Collier read the same story we all did, about Romney holding a whopping 14-point lead with middle class voters. And that lead to the following email exchange, starting with Will:


You see this yet?

I don’t have the nerve to post this (since it’s possible I’m kidding myself), but if that’s close to accurate, dude is WAY ahead, and we are just being flat lied to by almost every pollster/media outfit paying pollsters.

Another thing: R^2 are leading among Indies in virtually every poll, and usually by wide margins. If that’s the case, how could they NOT be ahead overall?

Yeah, about seven times a day I think I must be kidding myself, to think Romney has a shot at this thing, but then I remember what I wrote back to Will:

D samples are ridiculously high. As in, most outfits are sampling Ds at a higher rate than they turned out to vote in 2008.

As if 2010 never happened, as if the Tea Party never happened, as if somehow the last three years had made the Democrats more popular than they were when Obama was still hopenchangey Black Jesus.

It’s absurd, and the MSM and the polling outfits are going to lose whatever is left of their credibility, in the attempt to hand SCoaMF a second term.


I don’t know if you remember it or not, but in 80, all the way up to election day, the mantra was, “It’s very, very close.”

Back then I wondered if they just didn’t believe what they were seeing. The media class didn’t take Reagan seriously, and I always suspected they couldn’t bring themselves to accept (much less report) their actual poll results.

Today, I don’t wonder that. This time they’re just mashing down on the scale with everything they’ve got.


Of course they are. Now, I don’t actually believe for one moment that Mitt Romney is the guy to pare DC down to its constitutionally-correct size of maybe — maybe — one-third of what it is today. In that kind of world, one where Washington isn’t picking winners and losers, and isn’t robbing Peter’s grandkids to pay for Paul’s grandparents, what’s it worth being a George Stephanopoulos or an Ezra Klein?

Not much. George would be a goofy weatherman in Seattle, and Ezra would be a hanger-on to some gerrymandered liberal Democrat congressman from a bankrupt blue state. Same holds even for the good ones, like Jake Tapper. Take the money away from Washington, and they lose the limos and the perks and the high salaries and all the rest. They’d lose their status, heaven forbid.

DC was a sleepy little town before the vile progs got a hold of it, and someday it will be again. It must be again, or it will strangle the rest of the nation out of existence. We’re too deep into that boa grip already.

The MSM and their pet pollsters are in full Blazing Saddles mode: “We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately!”


And the entire chorus is harrumphing happily along. But behind each happy harrumph is a touch of panic because they know they’re losing their hold over the American people — and with it, they’ll lose everything else, too.


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