Money Talks

On Fox News Sunday the other day, Karl Rove said he figured Mitt Romney and the GOP had sizable cash advantage over Obama and the Democrats — to the tune of 30 or 40 million dollars. The rest of the panel looked incredulous. Well, I suppose they should have, because Rove didn’t know squat:


When the Romney campaign announced its July fundraising haul of $101.3 million, it also put out this impressive cash-on-hand figure for the campaign, the RNC and their joint fundraising account: $185.9 million.

The Obama campaign shared its full fundraising information this afternoon and came up with this combined cash-on-hand figure: $123.7 million.

Yeah, the Republicans are up by $62 million. And you don’t read stories about Romney’s umpteenth Hollywood fundraiser or about how the GOP is auctioning off rides on the top of Romney’s station wagon.

So it appears that the Republicans don’t just have a fundraising advantage, but that their fundraising advantage is at the grassroots level.

This is the first “vote” of the cycle, and it isn’t going well for the Democrats.

POSITIVE SPIN: Obama is leading from behind.


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