Choosy Gamers Choose...

As mobile gaming migrates increasingly towards HTML5, there’s something Android users need to be made aware of: Your device sucks. No, really:

iOS performed three times better at running HTML5 games than Android, according to the new study. created a benchmark dubbed PerfMarks to test performance at running HTML5 code.

The benchmark tested a device’s ability to animate image movement — a key measure of game performance. The report measures the number of moving images on a screen at 30 frames per second (FPS), a frame rate which provides a near-native user experience.

Repeated tests show that iOS performed far better at running animations than Android. The newest iPhone 4S scored 252 PerfMarks and the iPad 2 score 327. That compares to just 53 for the iPhone 3GS from 2009. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone scored 147 and the Kindle Fire scored only 25.

The iPad 2 beat every single Android device tested. The newly released Android Galaxy Nexus was the only Android smartphone that could handle images at 30 frames per second.

Some Android tablets performed poorly despite their powerful hardware. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 scored 65.


Of course, iOS users should be aware that iPad 2 is going to be made obsolete on Wednesday — by the iPad 3. But I’m sure Android is going to catch up any day now. Any day…

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