There is No End of Stupid in Washington

So Washington is going to impose a tax on Christmas trees to promote the purchase of Christmas trees.

Because nothing — nothing — helps move product like increasing the price.

This comes at the urging of Christmas tree growers, who have all apparently recently been given lobotomies. And also painkillers mixed with booze. The tax is being “imposed” by the Agriculture Department, even though the power to raise and levy taxes rests with Congress.

So when you buy your ever-so-slightly-more-expensive Christmas tree in a couple weeks, you can sleep easy knowing that the extra money went to pay for that crappy TV commercial about Christmas trees that you zipped past on your DVR.

The only people who benefit from this are the people who make crappy TV commercials and a few chair-warming Agriculture bureaucrats, and Lord knows we don’t have enough of them.

And it’s all on your dime. Well, it’s all on your fifteen cents. Inflation, you know.