Meet the Keystone Weatherizers

Your government, hard at work:

This summer, federal inspectors made a routine visit to 11 homes in St. Louis to see what taxpayers got for the $5 billion that President Obama spent to help Americans weatherize their homes to save energy.

What they found was quite a surprise. Some of the energy-efficient furnaces installed at taxpayer expense spewed carbon monoxide that could poison occupants. New water heaters lacked required pressure valves, putting them in jeopardy of exploding. And a handful of contractors—unfamiliar with the nuances of specialized weatherization work—had used air blowers in homes with asbestos, potentially dispersing the cancer-causing agent, according to several Energy Department inspector-general reports.


Mind you, this comes from Daniel Stone and Eleanor Clift at The Daily Beast. So you know there won’t be any big questions about if the government should be trying to do these things. They’re just upset that Teh Won is getting them done so badly.

But that’s a tune this Administration whistles just about anytime, not just when putting up some weather stripping.



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